Your Device

Your own personal device
ideal for runners of all abilities

Your Data

Access real-time data about your gait via smart technology (iOS and Android)

Your Style

Uses AI to guide you to choosing the correct type of running shoe

Technical specification

  • 37mm x 25mm x 13mm sensor device
  • Replaceable CR2032 battery
  • On/off switch with powered LED
  • mymo™ socks with colagen anti-bacterial fabric 
  • Zero plastic packaging

mymo™ connect brings the running community together and allows users to ‘connect’ with other runners who have a similar gait.

How many times do we see on social media platforms runners asking for recommendations of shoes? That’s fine but you’re talking to people who may not even require the same type of shoe. What happens if they recommend a shoe and you take their advice and buy them? If you buy the wrong type of shoe, you run the risk of getting injured.

If you wish to ‘connect’ with other runners and talk about running shoes that are relevant to you then you must ensure you ‘opt in’ to access this service. To do this, please visit your profile page and ensure the relevant button is ticked.


mymo™ share means that you can ‘share’ your data with your physio or consultant*. This allows them to access your data and review your gait prior to going into clinic and assessment.

Feedback from physios and consultants tell us that when a patient enters their clinic for the first time, they don’t have any historical data held on that patient. mymo™ aims to change that. Where this is most relevant is if you develop an injury. You physio or consultant can view your data prior to injury, at the point of injury and then use mymo™ as part of your rehabilitation by wearing and testing this in the comfort of your own natural environment.

If you wish to ‘share’ your data with your physio and consultant*, then you must ensure you ‘opt in’ to share. To do this, please visit your profile page and ensure the relevant button it ticked.

* You can only share your data if your physio or consultant has subscribed to mymo™.

If you are a physio or consultant and wish to find out more information, please contact us.