Frequently Asked Questions

Please note, the information provided in these answers is designed to provide helpful information on the questions posed. The answers are not meant to be, nor should they be, used to diagnose or treat any medical condition. For diagnosis or treatment or any medical problem, consult your own physician.

How will mymo™ help me?

Buying a new pair of running shoes can be extremely confusing, complex and sometimes frustrating. Manufacturers are constantly supplying the market with new models and technologies but how do you know which is the right shoe for you? Instead of relying on a sales assistant to advise you on which is the right shoe or paying for a gait analysis, mymo™ will do all that for you. mymo™ measures your gait and then through artificial intelligence, matches your running style to the most appropriate types of running shoe for you. You can then narrow your search by filtering all the latest shoes by brand, model, colour, weight and heel drop.

Who is mymo™ aimed at?

Anybody thinking of buying a new pair of running shoes! Whether you’re a first-time runner looking to keep fit or you have just signed up to do a charity run or Coach to 5K initiative or you’re a serious club runner, mymo™ will help you.

Why do I have to wear the sock barefoot?

You can apply the mymo™ sock over an existing running sock but we do not advise you to wear shoes. The reason for this is because running barefoot provides the most natural measurement of your gait. If you’re wearing shoes, then your foot is already getting an element of support and is therefore not a true reflection of your real gait.

Can I use mymo™ outside?

Yes, you can wear mymo™ outdoors. The silicone applied to the sole will give natural friction and anti-slip. If you need to wash your sock, we advise you remove the sensor device and wipe clean or hand wash only.

Do I have to download the mymo™ app?

Yes. The mymo™ app is free to download in the Apple Store and in Google Play and is suitable to work on the latest iOS and Android versions. The sensor device is controlled by your mobile phone. You need to connect your mymo™ device to your mobile phone via Bluetooth (go to settings in your mobile). When you carry out a test, the app will give you step-by-step instructions of how to get the most accurate measurement.

Do I have to use my mobile phone while testing?

You can carry your mobile in your hand while undertaking a test but you don’t have to. As you are only required to jog/run for up to one minute per foot, you can run without holding your phone.

How long will it take to carry out a test?

The test will take up to one minute per foot. Please also allow a short time for the data to transmit to your mobile device. The app will inform you when this process is taking place.

When do I start running?

Once your device is connected to your phone via Bluetooth, it will tell you in the status bar ‘Connected to mymo’. Please ensure the sock is correctly fitted on your foot and you are standing still until the countdown says go. Tap ‘Start Test’ to begin and then the dial will count you down, ready, steady, go. At that point, you can start jogging/running and the mymo™ device will measure your gait.

Do I have to run?

Yes, we advise that you run. During our research and testing of the prototype, we compared data between walking and jogging/running and the results were significantly different. As running shoes are used for running and to get the most accurate recommendation of the type of shoe you require, we recommend you run during your test.

How do I know which is the right running shoe for me?

mymo™ uses artificial intelligence to match your running style to the latest shoes contained within our database. Look out because we are constantly adding and updating new shoes! The device measures foot strike patterns, pronation and contact time and then recommends the relevant type(s) of shoe based on your last set of test results. For example, if you are registered as female and require a support shoe – the database will only present those shoes suitable to you i.e. women’s shoes with support. We appreciate you may prefer a particular brand of shoe or colour etc so the database allows you to filter further by brand, model, colour, weight and heel drop. Please note: the purpose of mymo™ is to match your running style to the latest shoes in the market. The final decision on which shoes to buy is a matter of choice of the consumer. You are advised to narrow your search to two or three shoes and then try these on for comfort and ride.

How accurate is the data?

Our prototype has been rigorously tested by hundreds of runners of all abilities. We have worked alongside experts from Northumbria University to develop, test and validate the bespoke artificial intelligence algorithm. We have also worked alongside physio’s and sports therapists.

If I do a test, do I have to buy those shoes?

No, not at all. The purpose of mymo™ is to match your running style to the latest shoes in the market. The final decision on which shoe to buy or if to buy at all is down to you. You might not even be in the market to buy a pair of running shoes, you may just want to do a test to measure your gait. A person’s gait can change over time, particularly if you develop an injury. The device can be worn and tested as many times as you wish. You may just want to use it to track your data over a period of time which may be of particular interest especially if you test the device at the point of injury and then use it as part of your rehabilitation.

How do I find out about the latest shoes?

In order to access the mymo™ database of the latest shoes, you will need to buy and register your mymo™ device. We have lots of different running shoes held on our database and we’re constantly adding and updating products. The filter will help you search and compare different shoes.

What happens if I can’t find the shoe I am looking for?

If there is a particular shoe you are looking for and it is not showing, you can either use the search facility within the ‘my products’ section or filter the database. If it is still not showing, then it could mean we don’t have that particular shoe held on our database or if we do, it means the shoe is not suitable for you based on your last gait test. mymo™ only recommends shoes that are relevant to your running style.

What happens if I forget my password?

To log onto the customer portal and access your data, you will be asked for your email and password, which were the details you gave at the time of registration. Don’t worry if you forget your password, you can click on the ‘forgot password’ link and you will be able to create a new password. If you are still having problems, you can contact our Customer Services Team who can reset your password.

You say it reduces the risk of injury but what happens if I get injured?

The objective of the mymo™ system, supplied by Mymo Group Limited, is to promote personal health and wellbeing and reduce the risk of injury by recommending the most suitable type of running shoes based on your last set of test results. Injuries can and do occur – it’s part and parcel of the sport we love – and there are many reasons why people do get injured. One such reason is the wearing of inappropriate running shoes which, as outlined by the NHS here, have been shown to contribute significantly to common running injuries. The mymo™ system has therefore been designed to match your running style with the most suitable shoes on the market. All recommendations are for guidance only and the final decision as to which pair of shoes to purchase is entirely down to you. As the mymo™ system is a purely advisory service, we accept no responsibility and shall not be held liable for any fault or manufacturing deficiency in shoes which are selected as a result of the use of the system nor for any injuries which may occur whilst using running shoes recommended by the mymo™ system, except for those which cannot be excluded in law.