mymo™ is personal and less intrusive

mymo™ is personal and less intrusive

mymo™ is personal and less intrusive which means you can use it in the comfort of your own environment at home, work, in the gym or at the park.

Buying a new pair of running shoes should be exciting but walk into any specialist running store and you’ll immediately be dazzled with lots of choice of manufacturers, models, colours and prices – not to mention the different types of shoes and of course, whether or not they are male or female! If you are a first-time runner, the experience can be daunting. Even for casual and experienced runners, it can be confusing.

The sales assistant walks over and asks if they can help you. How do you know the advice they are giving is correct? How do you know they are not intent of selling a particular type of running shoe because a) they are incentivised to do so or b) they have last few pairs remaining and need to clear old stock for new deliveries?

If you have a gait analysis done in store, you’ll be asked to run on a treadmill which for some, can be quite embarrassing and uncomfortable.

One of the main benefits of using mymo™ is that you can wear the device in the comfort of your own environment. You can wear this at home, at work, in the gym or down the park when it is convenient for you. When you buy your mymo™ device you will also receive a specially designed pair of socks. The socks include a little pocket which keeps the device snug while you’re undertaking a test. You wear the socks barefoot to provide the most natural measurement so ensure you pick a large enough area that is ideally flat and smooth.

A gait analysis is personal and by wearing the mymo™ device and socks when it is convenient to you, it also means it is less intrusive. There is nothing worse than running on a treadmill in a specialist running store being watched by a sales assistant or other customers. Runners have told us they felt a little intimidated and didn’t feel as though they could relax, which could impact on the way your run.