Buying running shoes should be fun not complicated

Buying a new pair of running shoes can be more daunting than exciting. It can be extremely complex and expensive with manufacturers constantly supplying the market with new models and technologies that for most people are all too confusing.

At the end of the day, the most important piece of equipment for any runner is your shoes. It doesn’t matter what you look like but buying the correct type of shoes is important. Buy the wrong type of shoes and this could lead to long-term problems and quite possibly injuries.

But where do you start? Unless you know exactly what shoe you are going to buy, it can be complicated. Simply walk into any specialist running shop and you’ll quickly realise that it’s not going to be easy to find the right shoes and even then, after you have bought them, how confident are you that you have bought and are wearing the right type of shoe?

Like anything, brand loyalty goes a long way and for some, it’s a case of sticking with what you know. Why change it if it ain’t broken so why would you consider wearing other brands? Well, why not? If they produced a shoe that suited your running style, is within budget and the ride and feel is good then why not consider buying those?

Some of the big global brands dominate the market which is to be expected given the colossal advertising budgets they work with but what about some of the smaller brands that are looking to break into the market?

Most experienced runners know what type of shoe to buy and may have found a pair of shoes that they know they are comfortable with. For new beginners or inexperienced runners, we may search the internet for recommendations or simply choose a shoe because someone else recommended it and well… if it works for them then it should work for me, right? Wrong!

And then there are sales assistants… we rely on their experience and knowledge to guide us to buying the right type of shoe. In most cases yes, but it’s not uncommon that some sales assistants/stores may only push particular brands or models that are in their best interests rather than the customers’.

Finding and buying the correct shoes is one thing but we know from experience and from what other runners have told us, there is inconsistency in the information that is provided by sales assistants and shops. For example, go into one store and they will guide to buying a particular shoe. Go into the same store on a different day and speak to a different sales assistant and nine times out of ten, they will sell you a completely different shoe.

This is exactly where mymo™ comes in. We wanted to develop an affordable product which provides runners, of all abilities, the confidence to find the right shoe based on you own individual running style and not to be led by any sales-driven assistants. Once the data has been converted and the shoe type has been recommended, you then have the ability to filter a huge database of running shoes which you can do so by price, brand, model, colour, heel drop and weight.

After filtering the database, you can try those shoes on in a shop or buy them online. mymo™ helps you to make a much more informed choice when buying a new pair of running shoes but more importantly, the ability to buy with confidence.